Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1001 things in 101 days-a list

Here is what I have so far: 

  1.  Write 100 words every day for 100 days 
  2.   Clean my room once a day 
  3.   Drive to a nearby city I haven't been to. 
  4.  Watch all the seasons in Supernatural 
  5.  Cook something new for lunch for one week 
  6.  Surprise my parents with dinner
  7.  Watch an anime movie
  8. read a graphic novel 
  9. Open a 529c for Charlie 
  10. Save $20.00 from my paycheck 
  11. Read one book off my tbr pile in my kindle every week
  12. Watch Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth 
  13. Surprise my parents by paying off one of their bills 
  14. take a class-in anything 
  15. Go on a ghost hunt/tour
  16. Read one new author  I read Her Highland Champion by Alexa Bourne. Loved.
  17. Read a classic
  18. Re-read a favorite author 
  19. Play with the dog when she wants to. 
  20. Watch the entire Torchwood series again 
  21. Watch Dr. Who (finally) 
  22. Watch Firefly 
  23. Rearrange my bookshelves
  24. watch a movie on my kindle fire
  25. read a magazine on my kindle fire
  26. play a stupid game on my kindle fire 
  27. get a manicure
  28. Dye my hair
  29. write a vampire book 
  30. make my own pizza
  31. Go two weeks without buying a book 
  32. Try one new international cuisine 
  33. Drive to Columbus to myself 
  34. Stop smoking for a day 
  35. Go one day with out Coca Cola 
  36. Rearrange my closet
  37. Read all the review books I have left to review for my book blog 
  38. Don't accept any new review books for review for 3 months
  39. Go one day without twitter
  40. Go one day with facebook 
  41. Go one day with no social media 
  42. Make an autograph section for my books signed by authors
  43. plant something
  44. bake a loaf of bread

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