Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ipod Shuffle

 Blogust is hosted by the wonderful  Beyond Elsewhere  and Do What Now?  This is where you write something every day in August. Today's post is:

Put your iPod on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that pop up & share why you have them in your music library.

10. The Lonely Island Jack Sparrow Featuring Michael Bolton  This was an impulse buy. One of my twitter peeps was talking about this, and I went on itunes and for some reason really liked it. This is so not what I normally listen to!! 

9. Save You  by Kelly Clarkson-Confession time: I have the whole album this is one. What can I say? I had a gift card to burn. The surprising thing is, I love this album. It's great writing music, and this is one of my favorite songs on there.

8.  London Rain by Heather Nova I bought this because I fell in love with the song when it was on Dawson's Creek Soundtrack. (Yes, I'm dating myself.) The song just calls to me.

7. On The Floor by Brandon Flowers I was writing a book and it called for something mellow. The book screamed for the Flamingo soundtrack. (Of course the same book also screamed for My Life Would suck without You buy Kelly Clarkson, and Mozart so take from that what you will, lol.) 

6. The Final Battle Les Miserables  I have the entire soundtrack of this musical on my ipod because I was almost named Cosiette, but fortunately my dad talked her out of it. Also fortunate for me was that my mom talked my dad out of naming me Penelope. (She asked him how to spell it and he spelled it wrong, lol.) 

5. Defying Gravity from The Glee Soundtrack I bought this back when I still watched Glee. I loved Kurt & Rachel singing this one.

4. A Sentimental Man from Wicked I saw Wicked with my sister and bought the soundtrack there. It brings back memories of that afternoon.

3. Move Away The Killers After listening to Flamingo, I decided I needed more Brandon Flowers, and this won. :) I also bought this because when I was in college my best friend and I would play The Killers on every road trip we took. 

2. You Know I'm No Good Amy Winehouse When she first became famous, I bought her CD because I loved Back to Black. However one of my sisters borrowed that CD and never returned it (They also never returned my Twilight books) so when she died, I was feeling melancholy and bought her Best of soundtrack. 

1. Long Way Too Happy by Pink (the hills soundtrack) Remember how one of my guilty pleasures was watching dorky tv shows? Well, even though I knew it was staged, I loved The Hills something fierce. (Don't judge!!) I bought the soundtrack because I loved the theme song to the show, and listened to the CD and found that I liked the other songs on it as well. It has a great mesh of songs on there.  (What can I say? I'm a dork) 


  1. You have a lot of soundtracks! I actually enjoy Kelly Clarkson, too, even though I didn't think I would. I eventually wound up buying a few of her albums.

    It's hilarious that you have Jack Sparrow on your iTunes. :)

    1. I get most of my music from the library. :) I'm like you-have to have the entire track on my ipod, lol. I knew you'd get a kick out of the Jack Sparrow one. I actually like it a lot. :)

  2. You and I have similar musical tastes and I just literally HA!d out loud when I saw your first song. I discovered that over Christmas and I bought the song right away because it is hilarious! My husband and I play the video at least once a month and giggle like fools.

    Yep. Me and Kelly Clarkson. Pop is FUN!

    And OMG Heather Nova!! I hadn't thought of her for years. She was on that Lilith Fair stuff and I had a love hate relationship with her music. I now must go look her up and kindle some nostalgia!